Purr…fect Fence Affiliate Program

The Purr…fect Fence affiliate program offers an opportunity to earn commissions based on sales you refer to us.

It costs nothing to join the affiliate program and there is no obligation if you do. But if you do participate, any sales you refer to us earn a 5 percent commission. With the average online sale being over $500, that makes an average order's affiliate commission over $25!

Here's how it works:

We use the professional affiliate program Inuvo to manage our program. When you click the link below to sign up to be in our affiliate program you will be brought to their site to sign up.  When you get there click the link button to “Create Publisher Account” and follow the instructions. It will look like this:


Sign up for the program.

When your application is approved you will have access to the affiliate control panel to manage your program and a unique link will be assigned to your account. The link might look something like this:


Use the link on your websites and in product reviews, newsletters, blogs, emails and forums. Start earning commissions from sales that originate from your links.

Commissions earned are paid monthly.

Your unique link can be used in nearly any form of electronic communication. And you can create your own content or use banners and links that we provide:

Please email or call us at 866-430-3135 with any questions.

Purrfec... fence

Product Option

existing fence

Existing Fence Conversion System


Free-Standing System

Free-Standing System



Keith & Elaine Rahn
Sullivan, Wisconsin

The Purr...fect fencing for cats has been the product that does what it advertises. We were looking for two things for our cats. Give them an area outside to play in and keep them safe. Being out in the country, speed limits are 45-55mph. Cats many times are simply too inquisitive for their own good. We wanted an area where we could feel comfortable in leaving them outside without the worry of them escaping into danger. The Purr...fect fencing system has met that need in a way that goes to the next level. It is aesthetically pleasing as well.
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